Being a leading health care provider is more than just helping people be well. Health care is multi-faceted, and improving all aspects of it means approaching solutions from every angle. This site shares the many ways we push the boundaries of what’s possible for health care in order to make it better, more affordable, more reliable, and safer.

You’ll see how we invest dollars to save dollars in the long run. You’ll see how we translate science into advanced care practices that lead to better health outcomes and reduced costs. You’ll read about the sustainable solutions we’ve implemented to drive change within our own system, and the ways we’re contributing to health care reform solutions on a regional and national level.

Innovation in Health Care

Good Health Takes a Village

Group Health enlists its members to help design the new role of community resource specialists who will help members connect with community resources, set goals related to using those resources, and establishing healthier habits and behaviors for the long term.

Health Care Reform

Smarter Health Plans Lead to Healthier Employees

Group Health's Bob O'Brien, Executive Vice President of Health Plan Division, shares how employers can contain soaring health care costs and keep employees healthier by partnering with their health care insurer to create a smarter approach to coverage with value-based benefit design (VBBD).

Innovation in Health Care

Quality Health Care: How Puget Sound Providers Stack Up

Group Health Cooperative had the highest overall quality performance with 17 “above average” ratings and only one “below average” rating in the Washington Health Alliance Community Checkup.

Group Health Research

The Forecast for Flu Keeps Group Health Researchers Crunching the Numbers

For Drs. Lisa Jackson and Michael Jackson, investigators at Group Health Research Institute, the end of flu season means the beginning of data analysis season, as they study ways to improve influenza prevention.

Health Care Reform

New Changes to the Employer Mandate Under the Affordable Care Act

The Obama Administration announced an extension for some employers in meeting the mandates of the Affordable Care Act.

Group Health Research

Breast Imaging Study Shows Gains in Preventive Care and Lessons for the Future

Researcher Karen Wernli, PhD, is the lead author of a national study on breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) published by JAMA Internal Medicine and provides a summary of this insightful research and its implications for breast MRI utilization.

Innovation in Health Care

Group Health and Overlake Medical Center Launch New Heart Valve Program

When Bellevue’s Overlake Hospital Medical Center recently opened its new Heart & Vascular Center, Group Health was also there to celebrate as a collaborative partner helping to deliver state-of-the-art cardiac care to patients with heart disease.

Innovation in Health Care

Group Health Partners with Bartell Drugs to Introduce In-store Clinics

Dr. Wellesley Chapman on how two of the Puget Sound’s most trusted, locally based companies partner to bring convenient, affordable non-emergency care to in-store clinics, “CareClinic – Group Health at Bartell Drugs.”

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